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I ditt startpaket ingår ingår följande produkter till värde av 8437kr ink moms

( obs, vissa produkter kan komma att ersättas  ) 

Bag, Lilly small 

Bag, Lilly large 

Förkläde, White

Pads 1x500pcs (one roll)

Professional UV/LED Lamp, 


High Shine Top Coat

Quick Tip Glue 

Gel Polish Base/Top 

Gel Polish Brilliant White

Gel Polish Structure Base Rouge

Gel Polish Fire Red

Sanitizer 100ml

 Half Moon File Mix, set of 7 Files 

File 150/150 Half Moon

 File 240/240 Half Moon

File 180/180 Half Moon 

Cleanser 1000ml 

Professional Nail Tips Salon natural 500-pack

Dappendish Small

Gel Brush Oval no.4

 Brush Invicta no.6

Face Mask 10pcs

Glittermix Adina

Glittermix Xandra


Dust Brush

Nail Cleaning Brush, black

 Scissors Straight

Cuticle Nippers

Tip Cutter

Cuticle Pusher

Lily Flower Oil 10ml

Hand Cream Lily Flower 30ml

Nitrile Gloves size M

 Disposable Towels


Nail Forms Salon 100pcs

 Invicta Cover Natural 30ml

Base Gel 30ml 

Builder Gel Rouge 30ml

Fiber Gel Clear 30ml

Competition White Gel 30ml

Invicta Liquid 140ml 


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